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Making Dreams Come True

Our family purchased the original Hillside Dairy Farm in 2006. It was established in 1925 and operated as a dairy farm for many years, but in more recent years the barn had begun to deteriorate to an alarming state. Starting in 2007, we began a loving restoration, which involved moving the whole structure onto a new foundation, on the other side of the unique salt fired tile silo. In the restoration, we saved the original roof, beam structure, and 90% of the barn sides. 

With all new up-to-code safety features, coupled with the rustic charm, our barn at Hillside Farm affords an ideal historical venue for your wedding or any other event.

Originally, the barn was intended for family use exclusively, but as time went on,  we had more and more people inquiring about using it for their special events. We found we really enjoyed working with people and helping them to enjoy their special days so we began to hold more and more weddings and other events in the barn.

 We're determined to make Hillside Farm a premier wedding and event venue in the area. We guarantee we will always go the extra mile to make sure that your experience at our lovely farm is the best it can possibly be.

The barn was transformed with  beautiful candlelight

and amazing decor that the venue let us borrow

for our special day.

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